Akuamma Capsules (Picralima Nitida)


Seeds from the fruit of the Akuamma (Picralima Nitida) tree ground into powder and encapsulated.

Each capsule contains approximately 0.5 grams. These are bagged by the average weight of the capsule including powder; 0.5g per capsule, each capsule weighs 0.1g. For example, when you purchase 100 capsules (roughly 60 grams), while the actual capsule count may slightly vary, there will be at least 60 grams of capsules and powder, with approximately 50 grams of that weight being the powder itself.


Fresh | Natural | Exotic


Akuamma has a rich history across the African continent in Ghana, Cameroon, and Congo. Also available in capsules and whole seed.


Precautions: Sold as a bulk botanical ingredient with no representations or claims. Not for daily use except under the supervision of a health care practitioner.

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