Tincture – “100 Gram” Full Spectrum Tincture

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The 100g tincture is back! It takes over 100 grams of very high quality plain leaf, with stem and veins sifted out, carefully extracted to produce the alkaloids for one of these bottles.

The kratom alkaloids in this tincture are suspended in certified organic grain alcohol. The vial is made of glass, and a glass dropper is incorporated into the lid.

Each tincture contains approximately 5ml of liquid. Due to the nature of this product and its extreme strength, it is sold without any directions, claims, or any instructions or indications of consumption whatsoever. Any messages to that effect will not be responded to and result in us no longer being able to do business with you.

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Viable Solution’s Kratom is jungle harvested with absolutely no pesticides or chemicals, just the leaves crushed into a very fine powder with nothing else added. This product has not been approved by the FDA for internal use! It is sold as a bulk botanical with absolutely no directions or claims. We cannot sell them otherwise; any messages or order notes referencing uses we cannot sell them for will be ignored and result in the order being cancelled.

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4 reviews for Tincture – “100 Gram” Full Spectrum Tincture

  1. Colbie P.

    Surprisingly very potent, a small amount goes along ways, just a little over priced

  2. naathyn (verified owner)

    First off, this is everything I wanted in a tincture! A little goes a looooong way… trust me! Even at its cost, it will last me forever! It is a smooth tincture that has both sedating and stimulating properties, but I found that they were so perfectly balanced, I wouldn’t say it was too much of either but just right! This is definitely a winner for me, and I encourage any who have not tried it to give it a go!

    Also and like always, I have to give Herbal Salvation mad props for the extras they throw in. I am finally getting to try Green Malaysian and can not wait! I ordered this on a Friday and it got here on Sunday! Less than 48 hours. You can say, I was super satisfied (as I always am) with every purchase I make from Herbal Salvation.


  3. donjuan11.1963 (verified owner)

    Found this these easiest to dose , conceal , and enjoy … Although it didn’t go as far as I would have liked, it is potent and has the properties of all the strains with nothing but upsides. I use it when I need to prolong my morning dose of energy into the afternoon and it has adequate pain relief properties but I prefer the powders for that personally .. absolutely have nothing but positive response from the 3 products I have purchased..

  4. Quest journey (verified owner)

    Tried several occasions and would recommend just buying the powder.

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