Sample Pack – 125g

$25.00 $15.00

One of the best sample pack deals in the market is back! Select up to 5 different strains at 25 grams each for 125 grams total. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Limit 1 Sample Pack Per Order.
  • Limit 1 of each strain per sampler.
  • New Customers – Customers that have never ordered from us before can purchase the samplers by without having to purchase anything else.
  • Returning Customers – You can still purchase 1 of each sample pack per order, however there must also be at least $15 worth of non-sample items in the order. That $15 does not include shipping, taxes, and is before any applicable discounts.
  • Sample packs are not eligible for promotional discounts.

Please note: We will always try to fulfill the sample packs strains as they were selected. However, due to the low pricing and rate at which these sell, if any of the strains selected are not available at the time of packaging, or more than one of any strain is selected, they will be substituted at random without notice. Sample pack strains are not eligible for returns/exchanges. If you are not OK with possible substitutions do not order the sample pack.

Orders containing more than 1 sample pack, or sample packs ordered by returning customers that do not include at least $15 worth of non-sample items, will be cancelled without notice.

If a strain is not listed as an option for the sample pack it is because it is not eligible due to pricing and/or availability (i.e. Kali, Plantation), or current stock levels are too low to offer it in the sample packs.

All of our Kratom is imported directly from Indonesia. All of our products are tested authenticity, potency, and contamination. We do everything in our power to supply you with the cleanest, purest, most consistent M. Speciosa available on the market.

We refer to each strain exactly how it is sold to us – by the color of its vein (if applicable), and the location from which it was picked. The exceptions being the Maeng Da, which are typically blends. Virtually all commercially available kratom comes from the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Anyone claiming otherwise is either misinformed or being disingenuous.

Most plain leaf kratom, from the labs we use, test between 1% to 1.4% Mitragynine. Some labs test higher, some lower, but this is the standard for the labs we use. The Maha Kali and Plantation Maeng Da are stains which typically test from 1.5% to 1.8%, sometimes higher. In the event that a leaf tests lower, but tests clean and is of quality otherwise, we may use our full spectrum 20% Mitragynine extract to bring the Mitragynine levels to within our aforementioned standards for the product, not higher. These extracts are natural kratom extracts. Nothing else added. They are only used to ensure you receive a quality and consistent product, much in the same way that many other products are standardized.



Ingredients:  100% Kratom Leaf Powder Only

This product has not been approved by the FDA for internal use! It is sold as a bulk botanical with absolutely no directions or claims. We cannot sell them otherwise; any messages or order notes referencing uses we cannot sell them for will be ignored and result in the order being cancelled.

We test every LOT# for biological pathogens, including but not limited to E Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Yeast & Mold. ! We try to make sure that each batch meets the American Herbal Product Association Testing Requirements for Botanical Products. 

Additional information


Green Borneo, Green MD, Green Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Thai MD, White MD, White Sumatra, White Vein Borneo

strain 2

Green Borneo, Green MD, Green Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Thai MD, White MD, White Sumatra, White Borneo

strain 3

Green Borneo, Green MD, Green Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Thai MD, White MD, White Sumatra, White Borneo

strain 4

Green Borneo, Green MD, Green Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Thai MD, White MD, White Sumatra, White Borneo

strain 5

Green Borneo, Green MD, Green Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Thai MD, White MD, White Sumatra, White Borneo


  1. Dylan (verified owner)

    I love Herbal Salvation!

    I bought the sampler twice now, and both times got a little something extra in it! Herbal Salvation has high quality kratom, I am extremely satisfied and refuse to buy anywhere else since starting here. Great prices, great product = happy customer. You guys rock!

    Oh and the sampler is awesome, and worth it.

  2. Amy Koch (verified owner)

    Totally agree with the above comment! Herbal Salvation does indeed sell very high quality kratom, and their pricing is excellent. I strayed one time and ordered from Phytoextractum (I think that’s how you sell it), and I was highly disappointed in the quality. I will never, ever, ever stray again from HS! They always include something extra! This sample pack is perfect, thank you guys for offering it! Herbal Salvation is a five star company!

  3. Gina Zalner (verified owner)

    I have been absolutely satisfied since I started shopping with HS. The quality is great and you just can beat their prices and customer service. I know my order will ship out quickly and there is usually a little surprise in the package. Absolutely can’t go wrong here!

  4. Linda

    You guy’s are wonderful. I suffer from depression and can’t find anything that works but kratom.
    Your product is quality and deal is fantastic.
    Many, many grateful thanks.

  5. Roy kositzky (verified owner)

    love it!!!!!!!! Got a free gift with the order and I’m in love with HS now. THANK YOU, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. aj bouchard (verified owner)

    the only reason 4 out of 5 is my non- experiance with other source’s. soon to change! feels like i got a new toy. salvation was fast,easy and great price with a great selection.

  7. Tab (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping and great product! Not one single complaint.

  8. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 v68fn

  9. Elisa (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and excellent product! Price is great. I like this company’s apparent mellowness. Great value with this sample pack and a good way to try new things.

  10. Janelle (verified owner)

    I never write reviews but wow, Herbal Salvation consistently blows me away. Placed my most recent order on Friday and it was delivered on Monday. The quality never disappoints either. You guys are the best!

  11. Brandon (verified owner)

    Herbal is the best yet,imo. Literally quality in every single strain! Fastest possible shipping! A+. Reordering today.

  12. Emily (verified owner)

    This is my first time buying and I’m definitely going to keep using herbal salvation. Shipping was fast, prices are good, and I even got an extra sample pack!

  13. carlp23 (verified owner)

    My package was shipped on the same day that I ordered it, and it arrived within just two days. Phenomenal.

    A very relaxing, slow burn. Much higher quality at a much lower price point than other suppliers I’ve used before.

    10/10, a completely flawless experience. I was even given an extra packet. You can tell that herbal-salvation truly cares about making their customers happy.

  14. Randy (verified owner)

    Flawless everything !! great ship time ,quality product best I have had in a while actually, and a free gift…. it doesn’t get any better than this. its nice to feel like a valued customer and get amazing product at the same time!!!! I will return many many more times and send plenty of business your way !!!!! hope to see some coupons in my email in the future !!

  15. Ronald Huntley (verified owner)

    I’m constantly being amazed by this company.

    I don’t know what kind of magic is going on, but I ordered it on the 26th and it was here on the 28th, shipped from Idaho across the country to New Jersey on the coast. Even the estimated 29th delivery date would have been very speedy, but it came even a day earlier than that. I was surprised.

    As for the quality, I’ve tried many different popular suppliers among the Kratom community over the past year. Some are better quality, yes, but only slightly, and in my experience they are overpriced. The quality/quantity ratio that Herbal Salvation provides is superb. If you want to pay nearly 6 to 7x times the amount of money to get the same amount of product that’s just a slight fraction more potent, then go ahead. But after a year of trying out different vendors, I’ve found that Herbal Salvation offers the best deals. Their other skincare and health products are really neat too, and I’m glad they make that an incentive for their sample deals for returning customers because it’s introduced me to some nice products for my skin. I look forward to trying others in future orders.

    I highly recommend using Herbal Salvation, and do your skin some justice and try out their sugar scrubs. They’re amazing.

  16. Brendan (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering from this company. I was very impressed with the packaging, with each different strain coming in a resealable envelope. As for product quality this is my favorite vendor. The kratom is always finely ground and fresh.

  17. Margaret (verified owner)

    First time customer – will 100% be buying from HS again! Great prices, high end product, and incredibly fast shipping! I ordered Friday morning and within an hour (maybe less) my order was confirmed and shipped! I received my package today (Monday) and could not be happier with the overall buying experience. I chose Yellow Vietnam, Red Bali, Red MD, White MD, Green Malay AND got a free sample Green Indo in my sample pack. Will be adding reviews of individual strains after trying. HS does an amazing job taking care of their customers and it’s no wonder why there are so many great reviews. If you’re looking for great quality kratom for very reasonable prices, look no further!

  18. Olly P. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping. Got a little extra. Great product. Great price.

  19. sloned271 (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great product, great prices and a free sample pack…What more could anyone want? I will be ordering from HS again.

  20. EG (verified owner)

    Just finishing this up and some samplers from different vendors, and have to say out of the ones Ive tried this is the best quality for the price I have had so far. Very pure, fresh, and clean with nearly no “dirty, dusty” attributes if at all which has put me off to other vendors. Potent and very distinguishable from what type of strains or region they come from. Awesome product and extremely fast shipping, if they continue to supply such a quality service Herbal Salvation will continue to receive my business. Thank you sincerely.

  21. Bryan (verified owner)

    I finally met The Plug! Great pricing with a 1/4 size sample, as well. Just WOW. Never using other vendors ever again. Shipping comes as promised as well.
    No stomach pains, even when taken on an empty tummy. Showing love for Herbal Salvations!!!

  22. mconnell255 (verified owner)

    Best deal out there

  23. markweihs (verified owner)

    HS has the best sample pack deals and the best, most consistent kratom on the market, bar none. I meant to leave a review for the Red Bali, but couldn’t as I got it in this sample pack — I figured it may be different from previous batches since the reviews for it were cleared, and boy was I right. I took a single dose with moderate expectations, having tried previous batches that didn’t really stand out from other HS reds, and it immediately became my favorite strain in this order. Top-notch sedative-analgesic strain, somewhat reminiscent of the old Red Sumatra. All the other strains in my order are 5/5 as always but I’d give the Red Bali 6/5 if I could. HS also usually throws in an extra sample, which is really nice and much appreciated, not to mention the generous crypto discount (on top of great prices already) and very prompt shipping. These guys really know what they’re doing, with regards to both their products and their customers. In my experience, none of the other “reputable” vendors I’ve tried can compare. Many thanks!

  24. triat (verified owner)

    This was my 1st time ever purchasing kratom and I’m happy that I was directed to Herbal Salvation by a friend. I ordered my sample pack on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived on Friday before noon – less than 48 hours later and I live in New England! What kind of sorcery is this? Also, thanks for the extra sample of another strain thrown in with my order.
    Admittedly I have nothing to compare to but I can say that I was more than satisfied by the calming effects of the one I’ve tried so far, Red Vein Ketapang. It’s also nice to know that everything is checked by an independent lab and uploaded for customers to see. I know this kind of testing can be expensive but it’s important.

  25. AllAroundGoodGuy (verified owner)

    My order arrived today, placed 2D ago! I’m very lucky to be in close proximity to this vendor, though prompt processing also had a huge impact on this first order getting to me so fast. I am an opiate addict and have been using Kratom to taper off of them. It has been an amazing herb and helped me a great deal. I’m glad to be able to have the opportunity to rotate 4 red strains and use the 4th green maybe as a morning energy enhancement. I did order 5 Red Strains and was given 4 Reds with 1 Green. I’m sure they must have been out and I did read above that this could be a possibility. I’m fine with it. Glad I found out about HS. They have potent Kratom at reasonable prices with fast shipping, and excellent communication. Couldn’t ask for more. I will be back for a long time I am sure. Thank you HS!

  26. Crochette115 (verified owner)

    If they had 10 stars I would give them 10. I ordered the 125g 5 strain sample. I got green bali, gold bali, red malay, red ketapang, white ketapang, and they threw in 25g of green malay. All of them were awesome. Especially the gold bali and green bali. Great product. Great prices. Super fast shipping. No need to look any further.

  27. adamperkins456 (verified owner)

    Excellent option to find which strain(s) works for you. I just purchased this and received it in 2 days! I just tried the RMD and am blown away by the potency and duration of this essential strain for me. I have tried so many vendors and only a few were worth the money. Herbal salvation is my new favorite vendor, and I can’t believe how good this leaf is and it only costs 13 and some change for 5 strains, oh and I also received a free 1 oz. sample of red Vietnam. Six ounces for this amount of money is unheard of. Thanks HS for your awesome deals and for only delivering the best kratom to customers!!!

  28. SnipeAphobia (verified owner)

    HS changes the game, best quality for lowest price and unbeatable shipping… 13$ for 125g and an extra 25… doesn’t get better thanks for the great service and keep up the awesome work!!!!

  29. ericbrum123 (verified owner)


  30. Jah Varino (verified owner)

    excellent prices and shipping. Product is very good. Especially enjoying the aromas of the thai MD, white/green sumatras(super fresh!!!), and the red MD. Also shout outs for the red Sumatra and green borneo! I trust there labeling but funnily enough the green Sumatra I received is lighter/whiter colored than the white Sumatra. Those two in particular seem very fresh (:

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