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We love to cook. What we don’t love is cleaning: pots and pans or stubbornly fishy post-tuna-salad-making hands. We still don’t have a great solution to offer you on the pots and pans issue (though we recommend having a teenager or two around that wants to be able to go out on Friday night), but we’ve got the perfect handmade scrubby soap answer for your hands: Chef’s Scrub.

We’re well aware that keeping hands soft while scrubbing them clean isn’t easy, but Chef’s Scrub does the job. At its heart, it’s a handmade sugar scrub. But when you take a sugar scrub and combine it with pH-balanced soap, unrefined shea butter and fresh, high quality rice bran oil (as we do with all varieties of Crush On You), then add a helping of ground coffee (which is exclusive to Chef’s Scrub), you get something bigger, better and kinder to your hands.

The great lemon and black pepper scent helps cut the smell of garlic, fish, or whatever other delicious (if perhaps smelly) foods you’ve been working with, while the sugar scrubs your skin clean. Then the shea butter and oils jump in, moisturizing your skin and keeping it from drying out no matter how often you wash up. Finally, the imported cleanser rinses it all off clean as a whistle. That ground coffee we add super-charges the entire experience.

So stop worrying and start enjoying the cook. When you’re done, Chef’s Scrub will remove residual oils and other nasties, neutralize odors from potent foods, and leave your hands clean, smelling sweet and super soft.

Weight:9.5 ounces
Scent:Fragrance and Essential oil blend
Additional Additives:Ground coffee

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“Quite possibly the greatest exfoliant known to women.” – Bust Magazine

Crush On You has been one of our most popular products since it was originally created by Joanna and Brad in 2005. A handmade sugar scrub containing cane sugar, rice bran oil and unrefined shea butter suspended in an imported pH-balanced soap, Crush On You has the texture of cookie dough with the ability to clean and moisturize like a super-hero. Scrubbiegirl maybe?

The sugar scrubs off dry skin cells while the butter and oil moisturize. Then the soft solid-wash cleans it all up beautifully, leaving your skin soft and supple, but never oily (like so many old-fashioned sugar scrubs).

Find out what everyone’s been talking about: our rave-reviewed, wildly popular, dangerously addictive Crush On You. You’ll never go back to your old scrubs.

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