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Really, what’s better than the smell of a fresh-baked scone? How ‘bout the smell of a fresh-baked scone combined with the zippy tartness of lemon zest? That’d be our answer, which is just what this particular version of Crush On You (our rave-reviewed handmade sugar scrub) smells like.

It smells so nice, in fact, that it almost doesn’t matter that it also scrubs cleaner than anything we’ve ever tried while leaving you perfectly moisturized. Except that, of course, it does matter. Because Crush On You is more than a sugar scrub. We combine pure sugar with unrefined shea butter, rice bran oil and our imported pH-balanced soap to deliver a unique exfoliating-moisturizing-cleansing experience that has the texture of warm, fresh cookie batter, not a soupy, oily pool of sugar.

Great in the shower, in the kitchen (though we make a kitchen-specific soapy sugar scrub, Chef’s Scrub, too), in the bath and on kids that have decided laundry markers make great fake-tattoo application devices (don’t ask how we know).

Crush On You sugar scrubs are naturally colored using FDA-approved cosmetic grade mica, which is mined and crushed into a fine power. No heavy metals (or parabens, or phthalates, or petroleum products, or animal products) are present, ever.

Weight:9.5 ounces
Scent:Fragrance and Essential oil blend


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“Quite possibly the greatest exfoliant known to women.” – Bust Magazine

Crush On You has been one of our most popular products since it was originally created by Joanna and Brad in 2005. A handmade sugar scrub containing cane sugar, rice bran oil and unrefined shea butter suspended in an imported pH-balanced soap, Crush On You has the texture of cookie dough with the ability to clean and moisturize like a super-hero. Scrubbiegirl maybe?

The sugar scrubs off dry skin cells while the butter and oil moisturize. Then the soft solid-wash cleans it all up beautifully, leaving your skin soft and supple, but never oily (like so many old-fashioned sugar scrubs).

Find out what everyone’s been talking about: our rave-reviewed, wildly popular, dangerously addictive Crush On You. You’ll never go back to your old scrubs.

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